Get a $30 gift card for just $25!

  1. Fuel up with a healthy meal at Bok Bok Chicken before your holiday shopping!
  2. Get a head start on holiday shopping with a $30 gift card for just $25!
  3. Give it to someone special!

It’s time to prepare Christmas presents for your family, friends and co-workers!

We’ve got you covered! A $30 Bok Bok Chicken Gift Card will be the gift of many options from our delicious menu.

Here are just a few examples:
our Family Meal ($21) and Shawerma Panini ($9), plus tax.
Or, our Falafel Plate ($10), Shawerma Salad ($10) and Chicken Salad ($10), plus tax!

And the best part is that for a $30 gift card, you pay just $25!

The tastiest deal ever!

* Gift cards are available only in stores at all locations until Christmas Eve, everyday from 10AM-10PM!